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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

General questions

- What are the main assets of FoxyTag ?

FoxyTag signals fixed and mobile speed cameras, data is updated every 5 minutes, the system works worldwide and is free.

- Is FoxyTag 100% legal ?

Yes. Laws usually prohibit radars detectors and system that perturb their functions. But FoxyTag is not a radar detector. It simply gives information according to your current position.

- Why should I collaborate ?

To get more reliable information, and therefore save expensive pictures! The more you collaborate (by posting tags), the more you create trust links with other users and the more the data you receive will be reliable. Bad users (voluntarily or not) will be automatically excluded from the system. FoxyTag is a collaborative system.

- Can I lend my username and my password to a friend ?

No. It will result in incoherent data (for instance you are at two different places at the same time), annoying for our evaluations and penalizing for you since you risk to be excluded from the system.

- Are my data transmitted to third parties ?

No. And when we use them for our evaluations, they are first anonymized.

- Why do you collect phone numbers and e-mails during registration ?

To be sure that a single user has only one username/password pair, and therefore be able to exclude malevolent users. Information given by you remains confidential.

- I lost my username and my password, what can I do ?

Send a SMS (with the mobile that you use for FoxyTag) containing the text "FOXYTAG rec" to number +41793816010 (normal price of a SMS, no surcharge). You will then receive an email containing your username and your password (about 1-10 minutes).

Questions on the trust engine

- When exactly should I press the button to tag or confirm a speed camera ?

You press the button when you are as close as possible to the camera, otherwise you risk to duplicate the tags and to decrease the trust links with the other users.

- A speed camera is signalized by two tags, what should I do ?

Confirm the tag that is close to the speed camera and delete the other one.

- Is it useful to confirm several times the same speed camera ?

No. Your trust relationship with the author wouldn't change.

- Is it useful to ask to delete a mobile speed camera that disappeared, since the tag will anyway disappear by itself ?

Yes, by doing so you create a trust link with the second person that asks to delete and you contribute to the exclusion of spammers.

- Will I lose my trust relationships if I do not drive for a while ?

No, your trust relationships will simply stop evolving.

- What can I do to create quickly trust relationships ?

The most efficient is being the author of a new tag. But you can also create trust relationships by confirming an existing tag or by asking the deletion of one that mentions a camera that has been removed. In the latter case, you create a trust link with the second person that will ask the deletion of the tag.

- When I request to delete a tag, do I decrease my trust in the people that confirmed the tag ?

Yes, but this loss is generously compensated by the trust link you will build with the second person that will request the deletion of the tag. The trust engine is so that it always worth to participate.

- Will the information remain reliable when I attend a new place for the first time, since I would not have built trust relationships there ?

Yes, because the system will ask your friends (people with who you have a trust relationship), who will ask their own friends... and so on. You will almost always find known people.

FoxyTag's speed cameras now in amAze


Speed Cameras Map

Speed Cameras Map