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Terms and conditions

Please read the following conditions and use FoxyTag only if you accept them.

1. FoxyTag is an application that signals speed cameras in advance in order to let the driver to check its speed and adapt it if necessary.

2. The authors of FoxyTag do all their best in order to guaranty the success and the continuity of this application. However, the authors keep all rights to modify or to stop the service at any moment, and without any previous notice.

3. The client accepts that the data collected by FoxyTag is used (after being anonymized) by the authors for scientific researches.

4. The client is responsible to check with his phone operator that the price of GPRS transmissions is not to expensive, especially while driving abroad. The client is the only responsible of its behavior as a driver. The authors are not responsible of any negative consequence due to the installation or the use of the application.

5. To the best knowledge of the authors, FoxyTag is perfectly legal in most countries. However, it is possible that it is not the case in some of them. And the laws of a country can change. The client is entirely responsible to check that FoxyTag is legal in the countries where he wants to use it.

6. The laws concerning the use of a mobile phone in the car are very different from one country to another, and can change. The client is entirely responsible to check what are the laws about using a mobile phone in a vehicle in the countries where he wants to use it. The authors of FoxyTag motivate the client to let a passenger to use the application, so that the driver can fully concentrate on the road.

7. FoxyTag is provided "as is", with no guaranty, and the client refuses any legal action.

8. These conditions have been translated from French. If there are differences, the French text prevails.

FoxyTag's speed cameras now in amAze


Speed Cameras Map

Speed Cameras Map