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Trust Engine by FoxyTag

FoxyTag's trust engine creates links between people sharing the same opinion about a speed camera, and uses this trust network to return only pertinent information to the user.


Trust Engine

John and Jack see a new speed camera. John tags it, but Jack who wants to harm the system denies it.

Mike is a new user that hasn't created links with others yet. Since there is a doubt about the validity of the tag (John and Jack have a different opinion), the tag is shown to Mike. But without trust links, Mike is susceptible to get also spam or to miss cameras that have been denied by several malevolent users.

When Mike sees that there is really a speed camera, he confirms the tag. His vote is then recorded in the tag history and his trust network is updated.

Moteur de confiance

From now onwards, John's opinion will have much more weight for Mike than Jack's ones.

Let's update the network with Luke trusting Arthur, and Arthur trusting Mike.

Trust Network

Luke doesn't know the people in the tag history (John, Jack and Mike), but since he trusts Arthur, that trusts Mike who confirmed the tag, the system will consider the tag as pertinent and show it to Luke.

Active Tags

The tags are active elements participating in the trust and security aspects. They share between them observations of strange behaviors, like a user denying a tag that has been previously confirmed many times during months. In this case, the concerned tag asks his neighbors how this user intervened recently with them, and excludes him if necessary.


The trust engine makes FoxyTag unique: It is the only worldwide collaborative speed camera warning system that is completely self-managed. Spammers and other malevolent users are automatically excluded, and honest participants receive reliable upto- date information thanks to the trust links they create between them.

FoxyTag's speed cameras now in amAze


Speed Cameras Map

Speed Cameras Map